The Secret of Banana Island





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4 Responses to The Secret of Banana Island

  1. drorrery says:

    A lot of stuff was happening under the table here, and in that vane there’s a lot happening in a couple of these pics, maybe too much. Still, hopefully it all makes sense.

  2. THis is glorous. I don’t know how to make money out of this, but your skills are so perfect at capturing moments of action, mid-frame (the exploding ship, flames leaping!) must be worth some kind of finance. Maybe you could do people’s biographies. Like scrapbooking, only with lego…

  3. seagoat1 says:

    I love these. Definite LOLs for reals. Banana island FTW.
    The puke shape thing in the last is worth it alone.

  4. theterrorpin says:

    One day, Leviathan will be a stop-motion Lego TV series.

    I am available for voice acting.

    Voice acting Arrabelle, of course.

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