Fiasco Interlude.

Golden Panda- Or rather…How Xun Loses his heart.

in Kic But Do.

Plot set up.
Old White Beard, fallen on interesting times, now lives in the Estate of Master Shang Li, in the room next to Li’s bedchamber.
The village is suddenly full of hungry ghosts
Fortune Cookie is related to the hungry ghosts in some way
Ritual related to the ghosts…?
New Martial Arts style = Ghost Hand, can defeat ghosts
Sui is sleeping with Master Li because she’s a gold digger

1st scene..Old White beard is captured by hungry ghosts after leaping out of the bedroom window. We decide this is a critical moment in the story, and then flash backwards. (White for White Beard)

2nd scene. Long in the past: Xun Chao Man and Old white beard have lunch and discuss why Xun wants to be a sorcerer-power and wisdom. OWB says wisdom and power unrelated. Xun laughs and opens fortune cookie, it says Power leads to wisdom. (White for Xun)

3rd scene.  Chao Kwok and Sui Dai fen Sparing using water style vs drunken monkey style on bamboo. First to touch the ground loses.  Chao talks too much and loses. (for now….) (Black for Chao)

(The Scroll is in a shrine on a mountain top that can only be gotten to by cloud walking…BUT……)

4th scene. Bed room scene. between Sui dai fen and Master Li. they agree to summon a sorcerer Friend to help with a ritual to find out how to defeat the guardians to the temple. (White for Sui)

5th scene. discussion between Master Li and Old White beard.  Old White Beard hid the scroll.. Only the pure can get the scroll through purification ritual that will allow someone to pass through the waterfall. (White for Li)

6th scene. Old White beard with Xun Chao man. walking in a forest. Xun Chaon demonstrates power.revealed that fortune cookie provided power.  Xun is in White beards debt. Wants Xun to prevent Sui passing through waterfall by ensuring she is impure. Xun says OK! (White for OWB)

7th scene. Xun wakes in bed in a weird shack with Sui. Xun says he will tell everyone. Sui beats up Xun to bully him into keeping quiet. (Black for Xun)

8th scene. Chao Kwok and Xun at Sake bar. Xun tells Chao that Sui has been sullied. and defiled. Chao realized Sui is attempting the water fall and could fail. Starts to run after her. (Black for Chao)

9th scene. Waterfall in front of cave. Li and Sui there. Sui walks through. The waterfall turns noxious green and there are faint sound of screaming. Sui gets the scroll and then Chao kwok turns up. Sui gloats that she has the scroll and opens and reads it. (White for Chao)

10th scene. Outside the waterfall temple. Li and Old white beard. White beard gloats about setting this up. Then they fight. White beard kicks Lis arse – kicks him clear off the cliff! – and takes his house. (black for Li)



Mayhem – Magnificent Self Destruction
Tragedy – Life Ruined Forever

Act 2

Ist scene. White beard is in Lis bedchamber gloating. hungry ghosts attack. White beard leaps out of window. Every single person in village is hungry ghost. They carry off White beard to Xun Chao. Dun dun duh! Xun gloats – he tricked White Beard, knowing WB’s need for revenge would drive him to something stupid. Hungry ghosts loom. seemingly at Xun’s power. “the best revenge is to have your enemies live while everything crumbles around them.” Xun places White beard in a bubble blown of sorcery. White beard floats above village watching everyone get eaten. He is aghast at what his revenge has wrought. (black for OWB)

2nd scene. Xun Chao floats into village on a black crown surrounded by hungry ghosts sicing them on people and going Mwhhahhahahha!! Old white beard floats and watches on. (white for Xun)

3rd scene. Chao Kwok and Sui walk out of the falls. See the devastation of the village down below. They agree to read the scroll together. “Old white Beards recipe for perfect dumplings.“ they are shocked. (black for Chao – no ghost strike)

4th scene. Sui throws the scroll over the cliff. And says we must go and fight the hungry ghosts as best we can, they run down the hill. (or does Chao Kwok?) and fight the ghosts. Xun Chao gets to gloat as Sui dies horribly at the hands of hungry ghosts. (black for Sui)

5th scene. Li is watching the battle. Chao Kwok climbs out of the ravine. gets to village. Sees the hungry ghosts punch Suis heart out so hard that Xun Chao catches it and eats it cackling with glee. Li frees old white beard by hitting the bubble with the scroll. (white for Li)

6th scene. Li and white beard join forces and fight the ghosts as allies. White beard proposes snatching away the fortune cookie of Xuns power. Bouncing off master Li onto Xuns cloud. Snatches fortune cookie and crushes to dust. But its another trap! – a black powder infects White beard, blinding him with pain. (black for OWB)

7th scene. Flash back scene to Xuns and Chao Kwoks past. Both beset by bandits. Chao choses simple life of martial arts, Xun chose way of sorcery. Xun uses sorcery to kill them horribly and slowly, in a similar manner to White beards ‘death’. After this happens Xun displays a weakness and Chao Kwok notices this – to kill with the black blindness Xun must concentrate totally. (black for Xun I think?)

8th scene. Chao Kwok remembers that Xun must have total concentration or spell will back fire. Chao Kwock uses a Kung Fu Dumpling strike and punches Xun in the belly. (white for Chao)

9th scene. Chao Kwocks kick knocks some of Sui’s heart back into Xuns throat, choking him. He is overtaken by his own spell and the black veins writh upon him and rotting flesh starts falling off. He does not die. Doomed to suffer as half alive zombie. (white for Sui, revenge in heart form!)

10th scene. Master Li gathers up Xuns and Suis bodies and whisks them off the the water falls. Channels power from water fall into student and sorcerer. Rips the heart out Xun’s throat and places it back into Sui body. washed clean of the blood looking beatific. She returns to life! Her hand reaches around behind him…..And then….she stabs him with a hairpin!

resolution/aftermath – what happens next…

Old White beard-Crippled, blind and forever sick from having the magic in his body. no longer an old master, he wanders blind and dying.

Xun Chao Man-lies dead beside the waterfall, his throat torn out. At nightfall, however his eyes open, evily. He has returned.

Chao Kwok. – While having won the battle, the village is in ruin. smoking, and hundreds dead. He won, but has nothing left to celebrate.

Sui Dai Fen – Walking away from the waterfall into a life of violence and evil having been tainted by the the heart coming out of Xun Chao Man.

Master Li – slumps down watching Sui dai fen walking away without a second glance at her erstwhile lover.”Suuuiiiii” he cries feebly, heartbroken and lost.

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