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St Kitts

An idea of what St Kitts is like (sort of). Plus monkeys. Advertisements

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Towards some Vehicle Rules

Just some ideas of modelling a vehicle or some other large important machine or object like it was a Feature. First question: why? Surely it should be a Resource or a power with the Gear limit. Yes, it could be. … Continue reading

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Fiasco Interlude.

Golden Panda- Or rather…How Xun Loses his heart. in Kic But Do. Plot set up. Old White Beard, fallen on interesting times, now lives in the Estate of Master Shang Li, in the room next to Li’s bedchamber. The village … Continue reading

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Sound Effects Ready

We had some of these last time from Gareth, but the instant CSI is great…   When someone makes a funny, press: When someone says something dramatic, press: When someone fails miserably and is humiliated, press: And … Continue reading

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